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Today: Hackers Extort Less Money, Are Laid Off
Episode 421st March 2023 • This Week Health: News • This Week Health
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Today hackers extort less money and are laid off . Just add to report on it.

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And we're gonna call it Captain's Drive. I'm gonna tell you more about that on Friday, not today. Let me get to the story today and partially because I'm off this week and this is me working on my vacation, . Anyway, wall Street Journal hackers extort.

Less money are laid off as new tactics thwart more ransomware attacks. It's been so long since I've reported a positive story on cybersecurity, so this is exciting. This is good news. Let's see what's going on. Extortion payments for ransomware, a hacking scourge. That has crippled hospital schools. Public infrastructure fell significantly last year according to federal officials, cybersecurity analysts, and blockchain firms.

nsomware criminals dropped in:

ewer ransomware intrusions in:

million, less than:

Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco, said in an interview, we're focusing on making sure we're doing everything to prevent the. In the first place, the hacking groups behind the ransomware attacks have been slowed by better company security practices. Federal authorities have also used new tactics to help victims avoid paying ransom demands, assets, seizures have disrupted major ransomware gangs.

they saw worsening outlook in:

As ransomware, criminals searched for easier targets and those easier targets in a lot of cases end up being healthcare. So, , while this is a positive sign, we're seeing, , things head in the right direction. As a country, we may not as an industry, so we have to be visual. , , in this case, what's my so what on this?

You know, you read these stories and you think, oh, this is good, this is positive. , and I think it is generally positive. , I think one of the more telling things was the, , cryptocurrency decline in cryptocurrency values, I think creates a problem for some of these ransomware gangs. I, I do think that some of the stuff that the federal government is doing is helping, I think some of the stuff that is going.

At health systems and other organizations is helping. I think we've spent a lot of money on cybersecurity. I think we're getting more sophisticated in terms of cybersecurity, but , again, the reason vigilance is needed is because, , You know, their sophistication is gonna grow. The nuanced attacks are gonna grow.

The more personalized attacks are gonna grow, and they are going to, they're gonna find the holes. So we have to stay, , again, vigilant in terms of identifying the holes before they can take advantage of them. We have to. , make sure we continue to make the investments necessary. We cannot become complacent.

Our boards cannot say, oh, we've got this covered it. Cybersecurity is not something that's done. It is something that you have to continue to invest in and you have to continue to, , train. You have to continue to do all the things that are necessary. And keep in mind, , reading this article doesn't necessarily mean that you are immune from an.

, there are still attacks happening. That's why these numbers were kind of staggering. Yes, it's gone down by a certain percentage, but all in all, we're still paying hundreds of millions of dollars every year in ransomware attacks, even though it's on the decline.

So there you have it progress on the ransomware front. And that's my so what Vigilance. You have to stay vigilant. You're never done investing in cybersecurity. It is never a finished game. You are always playing it. And, the attackers now are coming back for round two. They will go back and realize that ransomware isn't working right now.

Is there a better delivery method? Is there a better approach? Are there more attack vectors that they have not considered? , they're smart people and we have to stay in front of them. 

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