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Episode 3225th May 2022 • Strategy and the Virtual Controller • Penny Breslin & Damien Greathead
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Today's episode we catch up following a few weeks of being on the road and attending conferences in real life again. We talk through the AccountingWeb Summit in San Diego and Intuit's Get Connected conference in Sydney.

Not surprisingly, themes were consistent across both conferences -

  • What's the new normal for the workplace?
  • How AI and automation are continuing to advance;
  • How to understand and meet the changing needs of clients; and,
  • How the pandemic has changed people's perspective on what's important.

Also no surprises, attendees were delighted to be back in person, learning from each other, sharing experiences. While webinars and virtual learning have changed dramatically for the better, there's nothing quite like that in person connection.

What conferences are you attending? Don't be shy, come up and say hi or connect with us on LinkedIn.

Penny Breslin - LinkedIn | @PennyB57

Damien Greathead - LinkedIn | @Damien_GH