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#4 Tariff Money Conspiracy, Homeless Problems and of course IRAN
Episode 414th January 2020 • Political Dumbass • Glenn lee alan Davis
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Please enjoy the butchering of the National Anthem by Mr. Fullmer (Opening Song)

We try to figure out where all the Tariff money is going and who is benefiting from it. Glenn and Erik also discuss the Homeless problem in America. What was it like in the 80's and 90's compared to how it is now. Are handouts the answer? Tents? Extra housing? You decide.

Iran makes a comeback to the show with Erik's Political Opinion (new segment). Is the blood of the plane take down on Trump's hands? Are we out of danger?

One shot to a Computer Monitor and two shots to the leg. An old white man gets his revenge. A cop shoots at him but misses. If the old man was black would the cop have taken better aim?

Stick around to the end of the show for a Joe Biden Ad Campaign Spoof and our Trump Tweet of the week put to music. You will love it.