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My Sexy Business - Kim White EPISODE 35, 19th July 2021
Is your business a pain?
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Is your business a pain?

Don’t Be a Boiling Frog

Have you lost that loving feeling for your business? Do you leave your 9 am to 5 pm with a headache instead of a heart full of love and passion?

If this is you, don’t be discouraged. There is hope. There’s actually a very Sexy Solution. In this episode Kim Shares the sexy way she handles the pain points in her own business.

Solving pain points is often a whole lot easier when you can get some coaching from someone who has walked this road ahead of you. That’s what the My Sexy Business Team is all about - helping you make your business as healthy, contagious, pain-free and sexy as possible!

Season 2, Episode 35

00:42 The non-negotiable starting point for solving the pain points in your business.

01:22 The danger with smaller pain points

01:40 Ask yourself (and your team) this question on repeat.

02:22 How does Kim White and the My Sexy Business Team practically deal with pain points?