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John Perry (therapeutic coach)
Episode 194th January 2022 • The Coach's Backpack • David Lowe
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This week, John Perry, therapeutic coach, tells us:

  • Which book underpins his thinking on the different levels of coaching
  • How I can make you depressed but WE can lift your mood
  • Which wise man's sayings, such as "There are very few things in life that are both easy and worth doing", guide him
  • What a tree and a client wanting to leave their marriage have in common
  • ... and much more.

Find out more about John on Linkedin.

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More about John

Freelance Wellbeing Consultant, Counsellor, Coach, Speaker, Facilitator and Supervisor.

John Perry has over thirty years’ experience of working in personal development, as a teacher, college lecturer, police trainer, student counsellor, coach, mentor, university senior lecturer and pastoral tutor.  His passion is in offering coaching to help groups and individuals to develop the confidence and motivation that comes from having high self-worth and a sense of purpose and direction. 

Until recently, John was a Principal Teaching Fellow at a leading Russel Group University, and he remains a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. He is a regular speaker at international conferences, including the International Conference of the Association for Coaching. John was the 2017 ‘Speaker of the Year’ for the Academy for Chief Executives, Vistage’s ‘Rising Star’ for 2018 and winner of SUSU’s ‘Most Engaging Lecturer’ award for 2020.

John has particular expertise in the areas of Psychological Wellbeing, Stress Management & Resilience Values Exploration, Overcoming Imposter Syndrome and Promoting Unconditional Self-Acceptance.

John can be contacted via Linkedin.