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TECHquila Sunrise - Supply Chain Now EPISODE 44, 25th May 2021
You Don't Know Jack! Interview with Supply Chain Tech Investor Jack Freeman of PeakSpan Capital
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You Don't Know Jack! Interview with Supply Chain Tech Investor Jack Freeman of PeakSpan Capital

Startup growth and navigating the investment environment is a complex game. Greg has been there and done it multiple times, and he's realized every, single time it's new. Greg's guest, Jack Freeman and he will share Jack's path from startup to the investor seat. What he's learned, what he's still learning and some new areas that he's getting into. Jack will also share what founders and tech leaders should know about the supply chain landscape.

In this episode of TECHquila Sunrise with Greg White, you'll get insights from yet another supply chain tech pro who's been there and done it. Jack has been doing investments, mergers and acquisitions. He can help decode the language between founders, executives and investors to help everyone overcome the challenges, successes and enlightenment that he's seen.

Enjoy this valuable learning opportunity with Jack Freeman, Principal at growth equity fund PeakSpan Capital. Jack leads PeakSpan's supply chain practice. He has spent his entire career in tech, mergers & acquisitions, and growth capital. Jack currently advises and is invested 12 companies. He's an avid cyclist, a marathoner and a semi-retired soccer player. 

Full Disclosure: Jack and Greg worked together after he recruited Greg to be a Sector Expert, working with supply chain techs for PeakSpan.

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