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Episode 434 – The Uncanny Valley of the Illuminati’s Money
Episode 4341st May 2023 • SeanGeek and FastFret Podcast • Sean McGinity
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How many pages do YOU have on your phone? (3:08) We read a fan’s mail, clarify what our Patreon is NOT, and what we DON’T want to do on there, and talk about what 5 Star reviews actually mean. (8:03)

And we moved onto the topic board!

-     Can Todd speak in a creepy Michael Jackson voice? (20:03)

-     We received a letter from the Illuminati. What did they tell us and how can you get in touch with them? (21:34)

- If you could circumvent the big two cell phone companies, and that meant WIFI was available everywhere, what would that lead the world into? (27:13)

o  Will this lead to the eradication of paper money, the gold standard, and what happens if everything goes digital?

o  And what does this have to do with Star Trek? (39:32)

- What does Uncanny Valley mean? Are YOU afraid of robots? (56:56)

o  Are you afraid of the Body Snatchers? (1:00:46)

- Leaving the house? No need to. What COVID wrought and how it brought mental health to the forefront of our awareness. Your shopping changed through COVID. What is it now? (1:15:44)

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