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Mastermind: Tendayi Viki
Episode 5611th May 2022 • Inside the Mind of Champions • Jeremy Snape
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Tendayi Viki is an author and innovation consultant who holds a PhD in Psychology and an MBA. As Associate Partner at Strategyzer, he helps large organizations innovate for the future while managing their core business. Tendayi has written three books based on his research and consulting experience, ‘Pirates In The Navy’, ‘The Corporate Startup’ and ‘The Lean Product Lifecycle’. 

In this Mastermind episode, I pick out some key insights from a conversation I had with Tendayi. Tune in to learn more about what makes a successful innovator, hiring people that think differently through cognitive diversity, the important role of failure in innovation, and how leaders need to be purposeful but patient. 

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‘Pirates In The Navy’ by Tendayi Viki

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