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SPoilercast: Top Gun: Maverick (2022)
Bonus Episode27th May 2022 • Sequel Pitch • Sequel Pitch Podcast
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!!!SPOILER ALERT!!! Full Spoilers for Top Gun: Maverick begin at 8 minutes and 15 seconds into the episode - you have been warned!

Strap in folks, because Matt's back!!! Pouring his sexy self back into his flight suit, Matt's came back from paternity leave and went to see Top Gun: Maverick with Ross and Drew, and now you can hear exactly what we thought of it! Did we like Tom Cruise, Miles Teller and Jennifer Connoly? Has Lady Gaga made another total banger? Are our opinions in the Danger Zone? Or just on the highway on the way there? Listen and find out!

Disclaimer: We recorded this in Drew's car, in a car park in London on a single microphone, so... we hope it adds some rustic charm!

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