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Keeping the Adventure Alive After 50 - My Conversation with Dr. Alyssa Kuhn
Episode 11717th January 2022 • Women Over 50 - A Life Redesigned • Shelly Drymon
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Alyssa Kuhn is a Doctor of Physical Therapy whose mission is to help those with knee and hip osteoarthritis keep their adventures alive because so many people think that they can't.

There is an amazing opportunity for people to avoid surgery, manage pain with movement, and live an adventurous life. Alyssa has seen essentially the two main sides of osteoarthritis management during her physical therapy career and it sparked her to create her own business.

One side, including disability and life-altering pain at 40+ and the other side encompassing those in their 80s+ that remained active, social, and adventurous.

The difference between the two? Understanding their options and the importance of movement. Alyssa wants those with osteoarthritis to find hope again instead of being discouraged by society.

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