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Product Marketing Life - Product Marketing Alliance EPISODE 12, 12th June 2020
Product Marketing Life | Chris Winkler, DocSend
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Product Marketing Life | Chris Winkler, DocSend

We had a fascinating conversation with DocSend’s Senior Product Marketer, Chris Winkler, where he shared his tips on getting sales engagement following his background in sales, we discussed how no two days are the same in the role of a PMM and he absolutely loves it, plus the art of knowing when to say ‘no’, as well as how making mistakes can be a good thing, and tons more.


"I absolutely love product marketing. I think it can be sometimes dangerous how much I like it, because a curveball sometimes if I find it very interesting, I need to make sure I don't go down a rabbit hole just chasing that specific thing, especially if it's not necessarily something that will drive the biggest impact. But, I think the variety and being exposed to essentially all the business units at my company is something that I really enjoy, because I'm a product marketer at heart."