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How to Survive the Four Month Sleep Regression
Episode 2424th April 2024 • All it Takes is a Plan • Lauren Engler
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The four-month sleep regression can be really hard. Your baby might have been a great newborn sleeper and now all of a sudden, the four-month regression hits, and sleep is not happening.

Or maybe your baby was already struggling with sleep, and the four-month sleep regression made it that much worse, and you're exhausted.

The tough news is, the four-month sleep regression is pretty unavoidable. While some babies truly don't seem to be affected much, all babies' sleep goes through an actual, physical change around four months old!

The good news is, you can survive the four-month regression, and there are actual strategies you can implement before and during the regression to help it be more bearable!

So in this episode, we're covering:

  • What the four-month sleep regression is and why it happens
  • Signs your baby is in the four-month regression
  • How long the four-month sleep regression lasts
  • Strategies to help your baby get through the four-month regression

And so much more!

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