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You Need A Business Plan. | TSMP #049
Episode 4911th April 2021 • The Successful Mentalist • The Successful Mentalist
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Do You Have A Business Plan?

If you are serious about building a thriving, successful career in a way that doesn't overwork you, an effective business plan is what you need.

In this episode, Aidan & Ashley will be helping you get clear on your career vision and how to be a successful magician/mentalist using a business plan as your powerful starting point.

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Topics Discussed Include:

  • Why You MUST Have A Business Plan [00:45]
  • Start By Finding Your WHY & Purpose [05:16]
  • What Do You Hope Your Entertainment Career Will Bring To You? [10:56]
  • How Much Money Do You Want/Need To Make? [12:20]
  • Calculating Your 'Annual Thrive Number' [14:55]
  • Effective Goal Setting To Make Your Business Plan EASY [18:25]
  • How Ashley Made £3,000 Selling £0.00 Tickets To His Shows [22:50]
  • Finding Your OKR's [24:13]
  • How To Implement These Steps Within Your Business [24:43]
  • Tracking Your Numbers [30:01]
  • Give Yourself A CLEAR Direction [31:43]
  • Stop Wasting Time & Keep Moving Forwards [35:43]
  • Reframing Your Career For Unlimited Motivation [37:35]

Resources Mentioned In This Episode:

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