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Demons and Dames - Demons and Dames the Podcast EPISODE 2, BONUS EPISODE, 28th April 2020
Demons & Dames meet Storm the Palace
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Demons & Dames meet Storm the Palace

Join us for this exciting bonus episode in which Sarah interviews Sophie Dodds and Willa Bews from the band Storm the Palace.

Sophie and Willa talk about two of their favorite musicians - Dory Previn and Carol Kaye - as well as their own music and what inspires them as song writers.

The episode ends with Sarah's favorite Storm the Palace song, 'Fractal Pterodactyl' for your listening pleasure.

You may be familiar with Storm the Palace's song, 'Lovely White Sofa' which is Demons & Dame's theme music. You can check out more of their music at https://stormthepalace.bandcamp.com/