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Copywriting Royalties: The Nuts & Bolts!
20th June 2022 • Breakthrough Marketing Secrets • Roy Furr
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I get lots of questions about how copywriting royalties work…

✅ How to get royalties, how they’re paid, how to track them…

✅ How long you can keep getting checks in the mail…

✅ And even how to word the contracts…

And today I got yet another subscriber asking almost all those questions at once!

What’s cool is that each time I answer this, I can provide new angles, insights, and perspectives that can give you a new breakthrough.

So even if you’re familiar with some of my past content on copywriting royalties, you probably still want to check out what I have to say today.

In today’s episode, I cover the nuts and bolts of copywriting royalties…

Yours for bigger breakthroughs,

Roy Furr