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Launch your Online Course the Non-Traditional Way with Chris Orzechowski
Episode 469th September 2020 • The Email Marketing Show • Email Marketing Heroes
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There is SO much work that goes into a new product launch it can be a right bloody nightmare!

There’s all the promo videos, the sales pages, the social media content…’s just never ending. 

BUT, what if there was a way to bypass ALL of that stuff and still successfully sell your new product?

In this episode we’re joined by Chris Orzechowski of The Email Copywriter who has been able to find a way of selling his products without all of the faff that usually goes into a launch.

His flagship course generated £16k in just 2.5 weeks and he didn’t create a single sales page or promo video. In fact, he hadn’t even created the actual course before launching!

We wanted to know the secrets to his success so we decide to kidnap him for the afternoon and get him on this latest episode:

Chris Orzechowski

Episode Content

  • (02:03) Before we get started, we have a SUPER awesome gift for you. 
  • (02:53) It’s two lies and a truth time - Can Kennedy start up his winning streak again?
  • (04:32) Are all of the bells and whistles to a launch always necessary?
  • (06:02) Chris flagship course was a great success, but how the heck did he do it? 
  • (08:40) The difference between emails and sales pages.
  • (10:05) So how did Chris actually “launch” his course? It certainly wasn’t done the traditional way, that’s for sure. 
  • (12:30) OK, we need to know the stages of emails in this type of promo that make this method work.
  • (15:14) Could this quite possibly be one of the best strategies we’ve ever heard of?
  • (16:10) An incredible tip you can use to minimize the process even further but still create a huge buzz.
  • (18:09) OK, OK…but how many emails did Chris send over the 2.5 weeks of his “launch”?
  • (18:53) Found out why Chris’ email frequency has changed over the years. 
  • (20:21) This week’s subject LINE of the week will have you hooked.

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