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58- Peter Anthony -part2
2nd October 2015 • The Julien Dionne Show with Jen Grant • Lemon-press Productions
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Part two-of-two. We left the last episode with comedian, Peter Anthony, with a heckler story, so why not start this one with another. We kick off this one with a story about consuming all of the Coronas before a show in Niagara Falls that left Peter banned from a comedy club. Jen Grant then stops by the studio to take Peter in a head-to-head “Are You Mariah or Yoko”, where they then pull the first ever Are You Mariah AND Yoko(or Mariah &Mariah), and rock the first ever duet. To no music. This is the second half to a two-part’er. Do yourself a favour and get into part 1 (if you already haven’t).

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