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How writing a book can raise your profile with Claire Lawrence
Episode 526th March 2020 • Your pet business content your way • Rachel Spencer
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How do you stand out from the crowd when there are so many pet businesses popping up everywhere?

For Claire Lawrence, a dog trainer from Buxton in Derbyshire, writing a book is what has set her out from the competition.

In this episode Claire shares how she went from being a fed up chef to a dog walker before becoming a trainer.

And how a terrifying episode with her own dog Titan which culminated in a man having his finger bitten off inspired her to work with reactive dogs.

Now Claire helps dog owners all over the world cope with their barking dogs and this year plans a UK tour.

Here is a breakdown of what Claire had to say:

1.32 - How her German Shepherd Titon and puppy Skye prompted her to ditch her job and start a dog walking business - in the same day back in 2010.

2.44 - How she worked as a one to one dog walker, chef and at boarding kennel at the beginning to keep her head above water.

4.00 - Claire explains how she focused on solo dog walks working with dogs who struggled being on a group walk and how this helped build her confidence.

6.00 - How she became the go-to person for owners with difficult dogs who pulled, jumped and lunged and put her own training into practice while walking them which evolved into her reward based training.

7.45 - Claire says it was in 2017 when more dog walkers were popping up in her area when she realised she needed to put value on her training walks and start charging.

8.55 - Now 85% of her clients are barking dogs.

11.30 - Claire decided to put her methods into a book, You'd be barking mad not to!

12.57 - How the book has helped raise Claire's profile.

13.47 - How the book led to a podcast, membership and UK tour and messages from people all over the world.

14.53 - Taking part in my free PR challenge helped open her eyes on how publicity could help her.

15.29 - Being in Your Dog inspired local vets to contact her to talk about supporting their clients.

18.00 - Her UK tour and the demos that people can look forward to with Claire and her feisty Border Terrier Digger.

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