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Episode 15: Real Beauty Doesn't Have a Body Type: How A Former Supermodel Helps Young Women Thrive In an Appearance-Obsessed Culture w/ Jennifer Strickland
12th January 2021 • Your Biggest Breakthrough • Wendie Pett, ND and Todd Isberner
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Think about a time you got fired from a job. Perhaps you said the wrong thing at the wrong time. Maybe your heart just wasn't into the job and it caused you to miss an important deadline.

Now imagine getting fired because you simply ate a real meal.

That was the world Jennifer Strickland thought was normal. Blessed with exceptional physical beauty and a healthy metabolism, Jennifer rose through the ranks of the modeling industry, regularly posing for the likes of Giorgio Armani and the creme de la creme of Milan's fashion elite.

Then she went home for Christmas, gained 4 pounds, and her career was effectively over.

Armani fired her, and the agency that employed her didn't know what to do with her. (Sound crazy? We think so too.)

This culture obsessed with skin-deep beauty, while turning a blind eye to the awful physical and spiritual effects of it, was dysfunctional but it's all Jennifer knew. And now she felt estranged by it.

After meeting a group of Christians in Munich, Germany, Jennifer felt compelled to quit the profession of selling her beauty to the highest bidder, and return home where she belonged.

She wrote a book about her experiences in the modeling industry, and today helps young women cope with the appearance-obsessed culture that has sadly become the norm in Western society.

In our conversation with Jennifer, you'll hear:

-Jennifer's breakthrough with her faith...4:00

-Life in a culture obsessed with outward appearance...9:46

-What's at the root of the toxic Instagram culture in which we live...16:15

-Just how far God will go for one girl...19:45

-Beauty doesn't equal love; ugly doesn't equal hate...29:00

-Why men need to learn the intense pressure girls feel to be loved and valued...36:30

-Speaking truth to power in the lives of girls who are trapped as Jennifer was...40:15

-One thing about Jennifer most people don't know...45:15

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