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The Accrescent: Holistic Lifestyle Backed by Science - Leigh Ann Lindsey EPISODE 14, 19th June 2020
14. Joining the Narrative: Vulnerable Conversations on Racism w/Brent Corbett
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14. Joining the Narrative: Vulnerable Conversations on Racism w/Brent Corbett

Join me and my close friend, Brent Corbett, in this expansive discussion on the heavy topic of racism and black lives matter. Brent shares a little bit of his history and his journey into the world of motivational speaking. He walks us through his perspective as a black man in regards to racism and gently walks us through ways we can begin to become more positively involved in this narrative. This discussion is far from black and white (no pun intended) and makes a point of highlighting all sides of the narrative. I so appreciate Brent’s patient and gentle manner as he sheds some light on this powerful movement.

For full show notes including links to all books mentioned and additional resources visit: https://www.leighannlindsey.com/accrescent-podcast-ep-14-joining-the-narrative-vulnerable-conversations-on-racism-w-brent-corbett/

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Magnetic Moment Challenge

This week I am challenging each of you to buy a book, watch a documentary, listen to an interview, read an article, etc related to racism. I would LOVE to hear what you decide to do and what you are discovering along the way.

If you do any of these tag me on an Instagram story or send a DM of the book you purchased or the documentary you are watching! I know that together we can begin to inspire ourselves and others to continue to educate themselves on the topic of racism, empower themselves to join the narrative and truly become enabled to create tangible change.