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The Truth About The Data & We Are Changing
Episode 21219th January 2024 • The Higher Standard • Chris Naghibi & Saied Omar
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The boys stepped in to the studio a little saucy from an earlier business meeting over steaks and adult beverages.  So much so that they forgot to do the introduction of the show.  After 20 minutes of a sobriety check, they hop in to a recession discussion pointing out that history is pretty clear that we have not in fact avoided a recession.  Although Chris disagreed with an article from The Wall Street Journal, he thought it was worthwhile to share for additional recession perspective.  Saied breaks down the massive 2023 economic loss as he take a victory lap for calling it a year in advance.  And, despite what you heard, Wall Street is not buying all the homes and driving up home prices.  Oh!  And Haroon sounds like Grover. 

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Recession avoided? History says otherwise (CNN)  

It Won’t Be a Recession—It Will Just Feel Like One (Wall Street Journal) 

Fed reports record loss for 2023 amid surge in interest expenses (Reuters) 

No, Wall Street investors haven’t bought 44% of homes this year (Housing Wire)

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