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Ep 6: Creating Community in the Sweat City with Christine Hollis
Episode 612th December 2020 • Healthy GSO • LeBauer Physical Therapy
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You don’t need to go far to get healthy. Christine Hollis shares her personal journey of building a community of people who love to go out there and get active. She hosts a podcast, Sweat City, featuring a wide array of topics around fitness, nutrition, and wellness while keeping it local. Find the right activity that works for you and the tribe that caters to your unique fitness needs and goals. If you think fitness is not for everyone, you’ve got another think coming! She’ll break all the barriers and self-limiting beliefs you might have so you can finally take that step, and get moving!

“Just taking that first step and getting it moving is more powerful than just waiting for motivation to come.”

-     Christine Hollis 


In This Episode:

- How to get active if you’re not an active person, and why you need to 

- Find the right product designed for you to sweat it out there

- How yoga, CrossFit, and other fitness activities actually correspond to one another

- Reframe your mind from “I can’t” to “I can” and “I will” 

- Discover gems that bring people together and help in their personal development


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