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This is Not About Religion
Episode 422nd October 2021 • The Samantha Show • Samantha Orr
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Today we talk about connections to something greater than ourselves and of our own understanding! Whether you feel that connection in nature, to God, the Universe, whatever it is for YOU. With an emotional anecdote we explore what that relationship can do in your life. Later a quick exercise on how to craft your own power statement and reconnect with your higher power in an instant.


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[00:01:00] I'm not sure we ever really do fully understand it, but in the beginning, that's all we want and have no source of answers. Well, I just, that kind of prompted me to want to tell you a story, because last night I went through a, um, what do I want to call it? An exercise that, um, was [00:01:30] what are the, what are my words here last night, I went through an exercise guided by Gabby Bernstein, um, who was like a spiritual leader author. Amazing. She's just phenomenal. Um, but anyways, the end game was to create my own higher power statement, which we'll get into what that is. Um, but it just, it really moved me and it tied in so beautifully to yesterday's post. [00:02:00] Um, because for me, I had a strong relationship I still do, but throughout my darkest grieving times, my relationship with God was the most important thing to me.

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First, let me preface, I'm flipping through my journal here. If you can hear that noise, I'm looking at my notes, [00:03:30] but when I say higher power, a higher power is creating a spiritual relationship of your own understanding. So the way that you feel connection to a higher power does not have to be anything like my connection to a higher power. It's like I say, it's a spiritual relationship of your own understanding. So whether that's God or the universe or angels or whatever it is [00:04:00] to you, that's your higher power. You have the ability to frame that, however feels right for you.

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[00:05:30] It's the most freeing thing, not, not the statement in and of itself necessarily. Um, but having that kind of clarity about your beliefs and about your faith in something bigger than you, it just, it changes the game. And I don't, again, I don't mean this in like a religious way at all. I don't consider myself a religious person. I'm very spiritual. Um, I do believe that the higher power for me is [00:06:00] God, but that's, that's not going to be the case for everybody and that's perfectly fine. Okay. So I'm going to tell your story. The reason that all of this resonates so deeply with me is I personally have an ebb and flow with my closeness to my higher power. Um, sometimes I feel more distanced than others and sometimes I feel like I couldn't be closer to it. So [00:06:30] when the accident happened, if you don't know details, um, my mom and I were in a Jeep accident a little over three years ago.

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I don't know what the proper title is, but the, the medical person who was actually doing the taking care of me part, um, I am laid flat on like a stretcher thing. Um, and I have these huge headphones on, like, you see people in helicopters [00:08:00] where, and it has a little mic on it, so I can talk to the doctor person and he can talk to me. Um, but since I'm laying flat, all I can see is out of like the windshield of the helicopter, like the head of the pilot and just up into the sky, I can't see anything around us or the ground or anything like that. Um, it's a very sharp angle that I'm looking at and I'm laying there. And I mean, the eerie [00:08:30] just sense of calm comes over me like a kind of calm that even to this day makes no sense.

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