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Episode 216th September 2021 • Fight Club 4 Business • Tay, Meaghan, Michelle & Martha
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Ellen nearly sank her husband’s plumbing company after his partner died unexpectedly. Boy was she humbled! It seemed like lots of money was moving through the company, but at the end of the month there was never any money left.

 In desperation, Ellen figured out how to make lots of money and turned the business around. She inspires thousands, in workshops, presentations and online, to make business un-complicated and live life un-leashed. Ellen is also a successful franchisor, helping launch a plumbing franchise to 47 locations and $40 million in sales in under 2 years.

 Now, she is the CCO of ZOOM DRAIN Franchise Company, LLC. She is a columnist for Huffington Post, PHC News, Springfield Business Journal and an “in the trenches” contributor to many business and trade magazines. Ellen is a popular, high-energy TV Celebrity who has been on over 150 news programs, encouraging people to make their own money.

Show Minute Markers:

📍[10:06] Marketing: How to tackle a marketing plan in less than 2 hours?!

📍[10:50] Marketing: Key points to building a marketing plan

📍[12:19] "Stop procrastinating... set the timer and get it done!" Ellen Rohr

📍[13:46] Marketing: Spend some money, make some mistakes and figure out what's working and what's not working... you'll get over the "fear"

📍[14:53]  Marketing: Set a budget... Their franchisees are required to spend a significant amount of money on Marketing the first couple of months to successfully launch their business

📍[15:16] Marketing: Start with Referral marketing and when you're ready formalize it...

📍[15:37] Marketing: Ellen's #1 lead source are other contractors

📍[16:40] Marketing: You have to be willing to test the waters - there are no guarantees...

📍[17:45] Marketing: What "touches" do you have in place to get in front of your customers 7-10 times so that they'll buy?

📍[18:12] Marketing: When was the last time you reviewed your Marketing plan?

📍[20:01] Marketing: How many calls per lead source?

📍[20:12]  Marketing: What is the cost per lead?

📍[25:20] Finances: Are you priced correctly?

📍[25:55]  Finances: If you price right, everything else will be fine...

📍[32:25] Finances: If you don't want to do the math... If you don't want to read the book.... TRIPLE your prices!

📍[33:08]  Systems: Do you have a notebook?

📍[33:24] Systems: Get it out of your head?

📍[34:20] Systems: Building a binder that is the heartbeat of your business....

📍[36:50] Systems: The two things of your business you as the owner CANNOT delegate are the Vision of the Company & the Responsibility of the Money

📍[39:14] Systems: Tell me about your operations manuals...

📍[39:41] Systems: Michelle uses Trello as the dashboard of the businesses she supports...

📍[40:40] Systems: Everything that is on paper - I own because no one else can see it....

📍[43:08]  People: The conversation you have to have when your sales people aren't converting

📍[43:32]  People: How to have hard conversations with your people?

📍[44:27] People: If you're struggling with a person's performance - how do you have that difficult conversation?

📍[44:53] People: Ellen never talks about attitude... She's a behaviorist

📍[45:42] People: Focus on the behaviors that are going to help your team members win...

📍[47:26]  People: Ellen doesn't give "poop" sandwiches....

📍[48:28] People: If there's poop to be given... Just give the poop! 

📍[49:30] People: We have to "get you good" or "get you gone"

📍[51:31]  People: When you're committed to helping people win - their attitude improves...

📍[51:53] People: Embrace the diversity of attitudes along with all other forms of diversity

📍[54:02]People: One Minute Manager Book

📍[55:15] People: DON'T bring people into your office and sit them down...

📍[55:41]  People: Change the location of your difficult conversations - make it productive

📍[55:15] People: DON'T bring people into your office and sit them down...

📍[55:41] People: Change the location of your difficult conversations - make it productive

📍[1:02:03]Say what you mean and mean what you say....


Quote of the Week: "To do what you love and feel that it matters - what could be more fun!" - Katharine Graham



Book recommendation with The One Minute Manager

Ellen Rohr with Business UNComplicated. Life Unleashed

Tay Meroni (Marketing) with Pure Pressure Washing

Meaghan Likes (Finances) with Bookkeeping Academy OnlineLikes Accounting Company Jeff Likes Clean Windows & Gutters

Michelle Myers (Systems) with Pink Callers

Martha Woodward (People) with The Pay for Performance ExpertQuality Driven Software & Dusting Divas




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