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Why you should care about MTHFR and its impact on heart health
Episode 5014th May 2024 • The Heart Chamber • Boots Knighton
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In today's episode, I welcome Dr. Amy Neuzil to dive into the world of MTHFR and its impact on our heart health. Ever wondered how your DNA influences your health? Dr. Amy sheds light on how the genetic mutation, MTHFR, can affect homocysteine levels and alter our well-being. She also teaches us about the correlations between food preservation methods and behavioral issues in children.

Risk factors of MTHFR are heart disease, stroke, quality of life issues such as energy levels, sleep disturbance, and mental health.

It's time to get real on what is reasonable to expect from your doctor. There is no one human who can hold all the medical knowledge available today. We cannot outsource our medical needs to one single doctor anymore!

Amy Neuzil is a naturopathic doctor, educator and health coach. She is also a mom, wife, and overmethylator who writes novels, forages, and makes soap. 

Dr. Amy has been helping people with their health since 2003. She operated an award-winning integrated wellness center in Austin, TX, taught at both the masters and doctoral levels, and co-hosted a number of radio shows. Now, she hosts the To Health With That! podcast and an amazing community called Genetic Rockstars designed to help MTHFR folks to connect, share stories, and become better.

Special thank you to Dr. Amy for offering Genetic Rockstars for FREE for one month:



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