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Geopats Podcasting - Stephanie Fuccio EPISODE 22, 27th February 2021
How to be a lifelong learner via podcasting with Kavein, a podcast super listener
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How to be a lifelong learner via podcasting with Kavein, a podcast super listener

Do you listen to hundreds of podcasts?

Kavein does and that's what makes this conversation with him so fascinating. He has a thirst for knowledge and stories that is insatiable.

Last week we published the first part of this conversation about his language learning and usage as a blind person over on Geopats Language and this week we are focused 100% on podcasts.

We dive into his podcast listening habits, listening groups, accessibility issues with podcast apps and websites, Big History and his favorite podcasts.

This is our first episode interviewing podcast listeners and I’d love to do more. If you are an avid podcast listener and want to chat about podcasts, do contact me.

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