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Music and the Voiceover with Garrett Neal - Composer and Producer
Episode 2018th June 2021 • Talking Creative • Samantha Boffin
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Music and Voiceover are a well established double act.

From commercials and corporate films to dramas and video games - it's a rare voiceover project that doesn't have music somewhere, even if it's just a sting or mnemonic at the start and end.

In this episode of Talking Creative, I talk to US Composer and Speakeasy Producer Garrett Neal all about music and voiceover.

We look at questions like:

  • Why are music and voiceover such a compelling combination?
  • Does the voiceover affect your music choices - or vice versa?
  • Do all projects need music?
  • When you're shaping a project - which comes first: the music or the voiceover?
  • Remote recording and working with voice actors

Garrett is a composer, producer and audio engineer based in the US.

He offers professional sound solutions for Musicians, Filmmakers, and Marketing/Ad Agencies - and also writes and produces voice reels.

Garrett can write, record, produce, mix and master music for television, radio, streaming, film, and video games. His work has been featured on MTV, VH1, HBO, Disney, NBC and NPR among many others.

His website is here:

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