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How To Use Google Sheets as a Simple Task Manager
Episode 2414th August 2020 • Coffee Powered Systems • Miranda Merten
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Episode 024. This is a simple way to just get started with managing your tasks and just having them all in one sheet. If you are overwhelmed with the notion of automation and dumping your entire workflow into a task manager, I just want you to start, and stop putting it off because you “haven’t chosen one” yet.

Action this week - If you are still struggling to begin because you are using the excuse of not having an app, I want you to either create a task sheet, or use my free version and start your first weekly overview.

Discussed In This Episode:

  • Why you don't need a full-blown task manager to be productive
  • Why not having a task manager app is not an excuse to not do anything
  • Step-by-step what you’ll put in your Google sheet
  • How to use this task list for delegation

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