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Bonus. Finding Purpose in Entrepreneurship - Brett Kaufman at Startup Grind
Bonus Episode21st December 2020 • Gravity • Brett Kaufman
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This episode is a recording of Brett Kaufman speaking at Startup Grind Columbus about combining blockchain and the startup financing world with Rhove and Calvin Cooper, the core philosophy behind the conscious living space Gravity, the roles of coaching and therapy in his life, and more.

Brett talks about:

  • Why Brett got involved in Rhove
  • What interested him in the startup and investment space
  • Pelatonia’s new HQ at Gravity
  • Why Brett cares about spaces
  • His passion to impact the human experience
  • What pushed him to start Kaufman Development
  • When things began to align in Brett’s life
  • Being intentional vs. taking advantage of the opportunity
  • The role of synchronicity in life
  • How to get out of your own way
  • How Brett brings the Burning Man vibe to Columbus every day
  • Being good versus being in a good market
  • The lonely life of an entrepreneur
  • Building a time management system into your life
  • If entrepreneurs all fundamentally the same, regardless of the business they start
  • Getting out of the day to day as a CEO or founder
  • What’s next for Kaufman
  • Partnership with Greenbay Packers
  • Why he chose the location he did for Gravity
  • Finding the right business coach
  • Identifying your unique abilities
  • Screening people who seem unconventional
  • What art Brett likes, and whether or not he plans to go to Burning Man

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