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Lora Teagarden - An Architect's Guide to Writing, Publishing, and Educating
1st November 2021 • Context & Clarity for Small Firm Architects • EntreArchitect // Gābl Media
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How can an architect write and publish a book? That's where we started our conversation on Thursday’s Context & Clarity LIVE. 

Jeff Echols and Co-Host, Katharine MacPhail welcomed Lora Teagarden, Architect, Advocate, and Author, to Context & Clarity LIVE.

Join the Context & Clarity LIVE conversation every Thursday as we talk to a special guest about the topics that matter most to the success of small firm architects. 

Last week, Lora talked with us about architects writing, publishing, and educating.

Share your experience, and advice, and bring your questions to the conversation Thursday at 4:00 pm ET on Facebook in the EntreArchitect Community Facebook Group, on Jeff's LinkedIn profile, the EntreArchitect YouTube channel, or the EntreArchitect Twitch stream.

We’ll also preview the conversation in our 30-Minute Coffee Talk inside the Context & Clarity Club on the Clubhouse App Thursday morning at 9:00 am ET.

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