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Dive-In-Justice Season 2 Opener: Holding Hypocrisy, Hope, and Healing
Episode 15th November 2021 • Dive-In-Justice • Shadiin Garcia & Delma Jackson
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The Center for Whole Communities and Shoreline Consulting is proud to present Season 2 of Dive in Justice: The podcast that explores “building ideal communities with our less than ideal selves.”

Shadiin and Delma open season 2 with all the warmth and cynicism you've come to love and expect.

Our hosts name the fact that their work often asks others to do the very things they struggle so hard to do for themselves and wonder aloud what it all means.

They cast forward to season 2 and name their hope for welcoming a new slate of guests for further unpacking the things we can do to be better to ourselves, each other, and work more cohesively to build ideal communities with our less-than-ideal selves.