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[Rebroadcast] No. 065 Next-Level Tips for Building Your Show s Email List
29th June 2016 • The Showrunner • Rainmaker Digital LLC
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With Jonny still away enjoying his European “workcation” we decided to dig into the archives and re-run one of our most popular and useful episodes. And our choice was inspired by a listener comment.

Here’s what Monica had to say about this episode when she listened to it recently:

I’ve just listened to the episode about building an email-list (Episode 034). It is really inspiring and mindset-shifting. Thank you Jerod Morris and Jonny Nastor. I loved especially the reminder to think of your existing people on the list and also the examples of about what people can be interested in and how you can take the list gradually to a higher level (e.g. by a membership).

Thank you for your comment Monica. And since it’s been a while since this episode ran, we figure it’s a good time for a refresher, or to get our new listeners caught up.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • The obvious but essential point that you need to deliver to your email subscribers what you say you will
  • Why you need to offer a strong incentive to encourage signups (and how to know if it’s too strong)
  • The importance of communicating urgency, scarcity, and usefulness
  • How to use the “strength in numbers” approach to reduce people’s fear of subscribing
  • Why you need to be bold, but not annoying, in suggesting people sign up
  • Why you also need to be consistent in requesting subscriptions
  • To pop-up or not to pop-up … that is the question (we answer it)

And more.

I also provide a new podcast recommendation, which is especially relevant to this topic (so don’t miss it).

Listen, learn, enjoy …

Listen to The Showrunner below ...

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