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1114 - Reframing Healthcare and Service-Based Businesses with Dr. Ginger Bratzel
13th March 2022 • The Thoughtful Entrepreneur • Josh Elledge of
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In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge talks to Dr. Ginger Bratzel

Dr. Ginger is a business developer and strategist. She began her career as a dentist, she shares, and she found out the hard way that business isn’t as easy as just being good at what you do. You need to tweak and reframe your business and serve your customers truly in order to see results. Dr. Ginger shares that once she started talking to her patients about what they wanted, her business turned around. Long story short, she has left practicing dentistry to help other healthcare professionals and service-based companies do the same work she did in reframing her business. Dr. Ginger helps service-based professionals in all verticals besides eCommerce. 

Josh and Dr. Ginger explore the biggest issues she encounters when working with her clients. They’ll often tell her that marketing doesn’t work and that they need new patients or customers. She’ll pull everything on the table for them to see in full view. She shares that it’s often at that point when her client realizes the issues weren’t what they thought. Marketing might bring in a handful of leads, but they won’t covert or follow through when you aren’t listening to their needs. 

A traditional marketing set up for a healthcare professional, especially dentists, is a bit non-existent in the space. Major oversights happen when you don’t build up relationships organically. Many professionals in these fields mistakenly think that just putting ads up is enough, but it’s not. Especially in a service-based role, you need your prospects to trust you. Nurture relationships with care and plant the seed over time, especially if you’re in the healthcare industry. If you’ve experienced these types of issues, reconnect with previous prospects and find out why they said ‘no’. Re-engage and learn from them. Listen more than you speak and reiterate what you’re hearing from your patients back to them. 

Dr. Ginger also shares where healthcare professionals should target their prospects. First of all, you have to actually find out where your target patients congregate. Next, diversify yourself from your competitors, don’t just be another doctor’s headshot on a mailer. Target your messaging about how the patient might feel and how you can help, not your accolades, certifications, or equipment. The work to convert only starts there. You also have to provide a top notch experience in the office. You need to explore how to clone the relationships that work for you and create patient dedication to your practice. 

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