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60. It's deep.... Healing from Developmental Trauma with Sarah Buino
Episode 603rd March 2021 • Authentic Wednesday Podcast • Bianca Hughes
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In this episode Sarah Buino openly shares her experience of childhood trauma. She addresses the various ways she experienced trauma that are often not considered traumatic in society. Sarah vulnerably shares her experience of not having her authentic voice validated and the pressure she experienced to be better than her mother. In our conversation you will learn how Sarah’s resiliency has empowered her to pursue growth and healing from her trauma. We discover how NARM trauma treatment allowed her to experience deeper healing and divine love which has changed her life greatly. Sarah Buino, is a speaker, podcast host,  teacher, therapist and the founder and president of Head/Heart Therapy. To discover more about the Authentic Wednesday Podcast and the full show notes click here. To stay connected follow the Podcast on Instagram and Facebook.