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Gravity - Brett Kaufman EPISODE 15, 16th March 2020
15. Being Seen: How Human Design Recognizes the Nature of Us | with Amy Lee
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15. Being Seen: How Human Design Recognizes the Nature of Us | with Amy Lee

Amy Lee has been studying consciousness and holistic health for over 20 years. She currently works as a professional analyst and guide, certified through Human Design America and the Human Design School.

Growing up, Amy saw people modeling adaptation as a way of living — so she followed suit. Rather than cutting out a life for herself, she learned to do her best to fit in and grow into the circumstances that presented themselves. It wasn’t until she was about to graduate college that she realized that this life didn't fit her, and in her escape from that life, she discovered Human Design.

What Brett asks:

  • [01:16] Tell me about the early days of your life
  • [07:20] How did you have the experience of noticing what was going on around you in the world?
  • [10:013] What were the things you loved that you got away from?
  • [13:01] Was your desire to sing and perform taking you down a path that wasn’t really your essence?
  • [21:05] How does your freedom end up serving you in life?
  • [25:59] How are you seeing yourself in the curiosity of the human experience?
  • [29:07] What was it like making the decision to not go down the path you had been preparing for your whole life?
  • [35:28] When did therapy come into your life?
  • [42:22] At what point do you feel like you landed somewhere that you are conscious and know what you’re going to do?
  • [44:20] Where does human design show up in your life?
  • [49:01] Can you give a description of what human design is? 
  • [51:40] What is the experience for people as they receive this information?
  • [58:00] How effective is this in relationships and in understanding a partner?
  • [01:01:41] How do you work with people? One on one?
  • [01:04:46] What other practices do you find to be helpful?

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