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The Villain of the Story Part 1A—Mad Scientist in Comics
Episode 607th June 2022 • Digging for Kryptonite: A Superman Fan Journey • Flat Squirrel Productions
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Host Anthony Desiato digs into Pre-Crisis Lex Luthor, aka the mad scientist, as depicted across the Golden, Silver, and Bronze Ages of comics with guest Rich Roney. Stories discussed include Luthor's first red-haired appearance in ACTION COMICS #23, revised Silver Age origin ("How Luthor Met Superboy") from ADVENTURE COMICS #271, and the Lexor arc ("The Showdown between Luthor and Superman," "The Team of Luthor and Brainiac," "Luthor - Super-Hero!", "The Death of Luthor," and "Rebirth").

This is Part 1A of "The Villain of the Story," a multi-part event examining Superman's ultimate opponent, Lex Luthor, across time and media. Come back for Part 1B in TWO DAYS (6/9) as Anthony and guest Tyler Patrick (KRYPTON REPORT) consider Pre-Crisis Lex in film, TV, and animation. Remaining installments to follow on Tuesdays, aka our new release day!

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