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Chloë Garland
Episode 31st December 2021 • Moe Podventures • MOE Foundation
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Chloë Garland




Websites of initiatives mentioned: - Accelerator - Urban Scholars

Other resources mentioned e.g. books, talks…

Eckhart Tolle - The Power of Now

Hunter S Thompson - ‘Monumental Letter to Hume’

Viktor Frankl - A Man’s Search For Meaning

Episode Summary:

In Episode 3 of MOE Podventures meet Chloë Garland, MOE coach graduate and founder of Quarter-Life.

Chloë introduces her story self-describing an incredibly blessed upbringing and a personal natural tendency to follow ‘the rules’.

We learn it was during her early high school years an unexpected adventure occurred. 6-months of international travel, as a family, offered Chloë the opportunity to take a break from the rules and norm of daily life. It allowed a broadening of horizons and a shifting of perspective that would be so much part of her future.

Although it was a challenge to transition back into daily life after travelling, Chloë did just that and then the next major shift came in the guise of a perceived disaster - which was actually the beginning of a more emergent way of being, and of taking things as they come, an approach that Chloë now embraces and advises.

In not securing her preferred place at University, a different path into Philosophy began. While studying during her second year she read ‘The Power of Now’ by Eckhart Tolle which proved to be an emotional experience, offering a profound major learning in the idea that we are not our thoughts. This was a pivotal point in terms of consciousness for Chloë.

This episode of Podventures continues with the sharing of next steps and includes the discussion of further travel experiences. International travel is an activity Chloë believes enables an individual to explore parts of oneself they did not know existed and encourages self-confidence, self-belief and self-awareness.

After university and travel, Chloë headed down a traditional route of starting work and it was at this time she encountered MOE. In speaking about her first coach training experience it can be heard how this led toward her own journey of becoming a coach and of leaving employment behind to found Quarter-Life. The MOE coach training delivered with immeasurable empathy and authenticity by Mark Bixter, demonstrated a different texture to Chloë in how to listen and to hold space for others by truly listening rather than just waiting to be heard. Upon MOE graduation in 2018, Chloë’s story continues to examine the decision to launch Quarter-Life as a 1:1 coach practice supporting individuals, and despite a 12-month interlude investigating growing it into a highly-scalable tech business, how grateful Chloë is to her gut instinct to stay in alignment with her original calling and not scale the business. It was this decision that opened the door to new opportunities and Quarter-Life for Companies was then born. Quarter-Life for Companies helps organisations create the best culture for their under-30’s by relaying insights anonymously back in order to facilitate the opening up of the pathways of internal communication in the workplace.

Chloë’s leap into the world of coaching will inspire you to trust in your own instincts and stay true to your calling - to be conscious of your choices and lead a fulfilling life.

Listeners will take away much wisdom and learning and be reminded to:

  1. Ask for insight rather than advice – stay curious and meet many people to gain valuable insight, but do not allow opinion and advice to cloud your own vision.
  2. Take time out to evaluate if decisions are being made authentically from your true self, or whether they are being made due to your own and outside expectation.
  3.  Ultimately to not take it all too seriously! Live with lightness and embrace uncertainty and chaos.