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Lifestyle of Ownership - As a Father
Episode 7018th January 2022 • Empowered AF • Mark Santiago
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Last week, we spoke about a lifestyle of ownership when it comes to your marriage and you as a HUSBAND, and specifically to how you communicate and show up in your relationship. And this week, we’re talking about you as a FATHER. It’s time to consider what YOU need to change about YOU if you want to be an example for your kids.

Owning your sh*t isn’t just about the mistakes, it’s about owning the positives too. So when it comes to being a father, what have YOU done positively? What are the things you are doing well RIGHT NOW when it comes to your children? You can OWN all of those things. Join Mark this week as he shares what he has learned from his own father and how he applies this learning – both the good AND the bad – to parenting his kids. He’s sharing some habits he has built through being a father and three questions to ask yourself when it comes to owning your sh*t with your kids.

“Presence is powerful. If your presence is weak, if your presence is not powerful, your kids will know that.”

- Mark Santiago

In This Episode:

- Find out what WEAK men do when faced with pressure

- Learn the difference between fault and responsibility as a father

- If you’re lying to YOURSELF, you’re lying to your kids. This is why…

- Mark shares the importance of PRESENCE when it comes to being POWERFUL as a father

- Hear why you have to be intentional about the character traits you want to instill in your children

- Your behavior could be influencing the behavior of your kids. Here’s how…

- One of the most beneficial things you can do with your children

And much more…

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