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83. Facial Gua Sha: How You Can Become A Certified Teacher
Episode 8313th June 2021 • The Face Yoga Expert Podcast • Danielle Collins
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Would you like to teach Gua Sha to others? Would you like to become fully certified with an accredited qualification that enables you to teach others how to use these beautiful crystals on their own faces? 

In this weeks episode which is a recording from the Instagram live launch of the course which I did with my co-founders of the course, Katie Brindle and Katie Blake we talk about: 

  • What the Gua Sha course includes 
  • Why we have launched this course 
  • Who can do the Facial Gua Sha training  
  • Why we are so passionate about Gua Sha 
  • How you can use your Gua Sha certification  
  • Why it’s so exciting to be part of our Gua Sha family 

Sign up to my brand new accredited Facial Gua Sha Teacher Training course with Hayo'u which fully certifies you to teach Gua Sha here.

You can also pre order my new book, The Face Yoga Journal here:

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