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Achieving Clarity in your Life
Episode 4822nd July 2021 • The Wealth and Wellness Podcast with Kalee Boisvert • Kalee Boisvert
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In this episode, we are joined by special guest Marlene Cameron who is passionate about empowering women to unlock their power and potential. Marlene shares with us what she discovered about mental acuity, what she calls the Clarity Effect, and how it impacts decisions, well-being, and ultimately wealth. Listen to learn about what the Clarity Effect is and how you can achieve the highest level of clarity in your own life. And Marlene shares her top tip for feeling less stressed and more supported by life. 

About the Guest: 

Marlene Cameron helps professional women in business discover the natural confidence that comes from exceptional clarity so that they can create extraordinary success in their lives and careers. Even with her academic and business successes, she experienced persistent anxiety and self-doubt, often feeling like an impostor. She was introduced to an understanding of how our minds work that finally freed her from her insecurities and showed her the truth of the vast intelligence beyond our intellect. 

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instagram: @marlenelcameron

About the Host:

I am a financial professional, who specializes in helping people to achieve their financial goals. My absolute passion is creating new possibilities in people’s lives by showing them the ropes when it comes to money. I’m here to spark healthy and positive conversations around wealth and investment and create a world where nobody is limited by their financial situation. I believe this begins with education and shifting our relationships with money. I love getting to witness people achieving their most ambitious goals and creating new possibilities for themselves and their families!I love your questions!

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