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Go Beyond Numbers - What Is Your Accountant For, Really?
Episode 525th October 2021 • Go Beyond Numbers • Tony Rose
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In the latest installment of Go Beyond Numbers, Tony and Ryan explore the true nature behind your accountant and the value they provide.

Having an accountant is a great first step, but it's important to understand how to effectively utilize your accountant. In the social contract, what do you ask of them and what do they have a right to ask of you? By answering these crucial questions, you and your accountant can ultimately maximize the value of the relationship.

Listen as Tony shares his outlook on this pivotal relationship, which is bound to leave you reconsidering your expectations from your accountant. So sit back, relax, and enjoy another thought provoking discussion!


0:05 - Overview on the topic of the show

1:35 - Tony's outlook on what an accountant should really do for their client

3:56 - "Do you care for me?"

5:26 - The role of an accountant within a client's financial practices

10:03 - What the accountant should be expecting of the client

14:28 - Which capital this relationship falls under

17:30 - How a client can go about strengthening their social capital

21:00 - Clear communication is crucially important

23:04 - What an enriched relationship looks like with your accountant

26:31 - Tony's final thoughts on the matter

27:33 - How to stay up-to-date with the show

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