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Episode 73rd June 2022 • Choose RCVRY Recovery Brand Podcast from Alaska to the World • Choose RCVRY
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Launching Season 3 of the Choose RCVRY Podcast is a BRAND NEW radio show across Alaska that Freedom House and 93.7 based up here are producing! They were very generous to let us also post these episodes here on the Choose RCVRY podcast! Brian from Freedom House and Jennifer Waller as the director of Freedom House jump on this session as Brian shares his story from addiction and prison to not just freedom in Jesus, but also serving now on staff at Freedom House in Soldotna, Alaska!


More on the Choose RCVRY Brand:

Think of us like this crazy mission minded brand making apparel in categories like lifestyle, activewear, fashion/boutique, recovery, faith-based... and all based in epic Alaska and run by goofy real friends with a dream to make this world a better place!

It's like this....

1. Buy Rad Stuff -- 2. Wear said Rad Stuff -- 3. Inspire Others

This is why we've committed since day 1 of the brand to give back a portion of proceeds toward recovery ministries. This means that your purchases on truly makes a big impact! And Freedom House that runs the Dose of Hope episodes is one of the main places we give back to!


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