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13. Make a Spark: Rethinking Sexuality & Relationships, with Meghna Mahambrey
Episode 132nd March 2020 • Gravity • Brett Kaufman
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Meghna Mahambrey is an award-winning instructor and Ph.D. candidate who studies, teaches, and conducts research on all things romance and sex. Early in her career, Meghna wondered why nobody else seemed to be asking the questions she had around relationships and sexuality. So she spent years getting the answers, and now she helps others bridge the gap between research and real-life through SPARK Relationship & Sexuality Workshops, educating the community on matters close to their hearts (and hips).

What Brett asks:

  • [03:36] How did you get into this work?
  • [05:59] Did you feel the cultural influences and constructs from your parents and lineage?
  • [14:28] What shaped you during this period of your life during your early career?
  • [20:47] What was it like questioning the social constructs that everyone else believed in?
  • [23:18] How do you take the steps from teaching into going deeper with these subjects?
  • [31:50] Would you be willing to share more about your first relationship?
  • [33:57] What happened when you saw your situation in a textbook?
  • [39:28] How did music play a role in your life?
  • [45:45] How are you using Spark to educate the community on this subject?

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