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The Mumologues - The Mumologues EPISODE 2, 6th November 2019
Episode 2 | Being a mum with The Mylk Society Part one
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Episode 2 | Being a mum with The Mylk Society Part one

Today on the show we are chatting with Karina from The Mylk Society, which feature a range of breastfeeding friendly T-shirts and dresses (coming soon) as well as some other breastfeeding items like the delicious Franjos Kitchen breastfeeding cookies!

Karina and I chatted all things parenting, dealing with maternity leave and the publics perception of maternity leave, sleep deprivation, how hard it is to buy a house and the battles that are faced by modern mothers.

Part 2 to be released on Friday will be a chat all about The Mylk Society and all the plans for the future!

You can find The Mylk Society on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/themylksociety/

And you can find her on Instagram here:


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