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45. How One Librarian Created a Culture of Reading in Her School
Episode 4521st October 2022 • Equipping ELLs • Beth Vaucher, ELL, ESL Teachers
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Are you looking to create a culture of reading at your school and with your ELLs? We all know that reading opens so many doors for our students but getting them to read can be a struggle. Today I am joined by high school librarian Terrie Sharp, who is sharing how she helped create a culture of learning in her school.

There can be many obstacles in getting ELL students and emergent bilingual students to read but it is so important that we help them become readers. Terrie saw there was a need to make reading more accessible to the students in her high school in order to help them develop their reading skills. In this episode, Terrie is sharing her background and current role, what the Cowboys Read! program is and how it got started, how the program created a culture of reading in the school, and what’s next for the program.

Terrie is celebrating almost 30 years as an educator at McCollum high school in San Antonio, Texas. She began her career as an English teacher and taught all levels, from IS to AP and everything in between. Her love of books and reading inspired her to make a change 15 years ago and became the librarian at McCollum. Inspired by students, Terrie has developed the Cowboys Read! program to promote reading without restrictions tied to checking books out of the library. Terrie enjoys how different every year can be at the best job in the world, a librarian.

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