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34. Nutrition Tips To Raise Your Vibe with Nikki Golly
3rd February 2020 • High Vibin’ It • Lynnsey Robinson and Kelsey Aida
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Today we're speaking with nutritionist, micro-nutrient educator and supplementologist Nikki Golly! She'll share with us her personal journey to health and wellness, and how she combines her extensive nutritional education with intuitive and mindful eating techniques to assist her clients on every walk of life!

We'll be asking her all about what she calls "SAD" - the "Standard American Diet", fasting, gut health, how and when to use supplements, tower gardens, what the foundations for health are, and more!

Plus she'll explain why she feels the Keto diet is an unhealthy fad. If you want to know some easy ways to create a healthier lifestyle TODAY, come hang with us!

To get your FREE 15-minute health assessment email Nikki at:




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