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#88: Loyalty Innovation in China with Lagardère Travel Retail
Episode 8811th March 2021 • Let's Talk Loyalty • Paula Thomas
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Like many retailers, Lagardere Travel Retail was badly impacted by the global pandemic in 2020, particularly in China where its duty free stores remained open but customers simply couldn't buy. This episode showcases the incredibly innovative solutions developed by the management team, led by Eudes Fabre. 

With 1.8 million customers signed up across their two loyalty programmes, the brand had permission from customers to connect in digital channels, and so they team developed a video commerce strategy on WeChat that has become one of the most successful in China. 

Listen to this extraordinary story of how the company's greatest marketing challenge has resulted in the creation of a whole new revenue stream that has now become a powerful and profitable channel in its own right, powered by its digital loyalty programme.

Show Notes:

1) Lagardere Travel Retail Group

2) Eudes Fabre - Chief Executive Officer - North Asia at Lagardere Travel Retail

3) Adam McCarthy - Chief Information Officer at Lagardere Travel Retail North Asia





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