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An Artists' Journey through Artsville with Elizabeth Walton & Amy Massey
Episode 2713th February 2024 • Artsville • Crewest Studio + Sand Hill Artists Collective
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In this episode, we introduce two bright young artists, Elizabeth Walton and Amy Massey, who are making waves in Western North Carolina and beyond. Both Elizabeth and Amy recently graduated from Artsville’s First Virtual Gallery of Artists Cohort program, a digital and live marketing initiative designed to help artists succeed in the business of art. Elizabeth is a talented jewelry designer, with a passion for metalsmithing, and Amy Massey is a 2D artist and massage therapist. In our conversation we delve into their journeys, discussing their inspirations, creative processes, and the impact of the program on their careers. We unpack what keeps them inspired, juggling different jobs, how to market yourself without a gallery, their unique approaches to their work, the biggest lessons from the Virtual Gallery of Artists program, and much more! Join us as we discuss their artistic journeys, the challenges they face, and the exciting future of arts in Asheville and beyond. Tune in now!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Introductions and background about guests Elizabeth Walton and Amy Massey.
  • Elizabeth’s journey from inheriting a studio to pursuing a sustainable metalsmithing practice.
  • They share their main takeaways and lessons from the Virtual Gallery of Artists program.
  • Amy discusses her unique fusion of art and bodywork and where she draws inspiration from.
  • Discover Elizabeth’s design process and how nature influences her work.
  • New friends and networking opportunities from the Virtual Gallery of Artists program.
  • Explore their diverse career paths, including galleries and self-promotion through art festivals.
  • Gain insights into the challenges and opportunities present in today's competitive art market.
  • The vibrant arts scene in Asheville and the exciting prospects for artists in the future.

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