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My Bible Study Genesis Chapter 12 pt 6
Episode 5429th May 2020 • My Bible Study • Pastor Robert Thibodeau
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God’s Call Is a Call to Bold Worship

Abram traveled through the land as far as the site of the great tree of Moreh at Shechem. At that time the Canaanites were in the land. The LORD appeared to Abram and said, “To your offspring I will give this land.” So he built an altar there to the LORD, who had appeared to him. From there he went on toward the hills east of Bethel and pitched his tent, with Bethel on the west and Ai on the east. There he built an altar to the LORD and called on the name of the LORD. Then Abram set out and continued toward the Negev. (Genesis 12:6–9)

Another aspect of our call is bold worship. Throughout Abraham’s life, we commonly see him build altars. When Abraham gets to Shechem in the land of Canaan, the Lord appears to him, and he builds an altar to God (v. 7). After moving, he then builds another altar in the hills between Bethel and Ai (v. 8). The altar symbolized his worship. When Abraham began to follow God, he became a worshiper.

But not only was Abraham a worshiper, he was a bold worshiper. When it says, “Abram traveled through the land as far as the site of the great tree of Moreh,” the narrator is trying to get our attention. He calls it “the great tree of Moreh.” The title “Moreh” means “teaching.” This was the “the great tree of Teaching.”9 Most likely, this was a Canaanite shrine where people gathered to worship some deity and also listen to the deity’s teachers.