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Breaking Free Sexually
Episode 189th November 2022 • Breaking Free Authentically: The Sex Positive Relationship Podcast • Karine Bedard
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Episode18: Breaking Free Sexually


In today's episode we really dig into what it looks like to Break Free Sexually. Sometimes the programming is so deep either through indoctrination or our culture. Regardless, it becomes imbedded in our consciousness and unless we are willing to take a look at what we actually believe, we won't ever be free sexually. The awakening process forces us to shed some of the programming that certainly every woman has had. However, men also struggle to break free from the programming.

I am thrilled to have my dear friend and colleage Lorna Gale, on the show today. She is a teacher by nature and by training and brings to her work over 30 years as an educator: in schools, energy healing, bodywork, somatic sex education, D/s, Somatic MindSet, story writing and unweaving, and holistic life mentoring.

Lorna came to the work of somatic sex education and spiritual mentorship through her own spiritual journey and mid-life sexual awakening. When you hear Lorna speak, you will know that she speaks from her own experience, with a passion and mission to help people see through their stories into the lens and portal of divine feminine power, sexuality, and leadership, moving beyond shame, sin, and guilt, trauma, disconnection and disassociation so they can experience embodied sexual and spiritual wholeness, live their truth erotically alive and free, and in doing so, change their world.

Lorna says that the patriarchy is not just men, it's a whole structure that even women have bought into and we need to be willing to take a look at it. Spiritual awakening is the ability to let go of shame and guilt and connect with yourself in a deep, intimate way. We need to tap into our bodies and listen to what they are telling us.

How can we enjoy our sexuality if we aren't even aware of what our body wants or needs? It's important to get curious about our bodies so that we can communicate our desires with our partners. Trust me, they will appreciate the help if it's shared in a loving way.

I hope you enjoy today's episode.

Love, Karine

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